The Pratchett Podcast episode 5

We’re back with a fifth episode, in which we review Wyrd Sisters – the Gosgrove Hall animated version. Next time we will review the Soul Music animation, send in your thoughts to

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4 comments on “The Pratchett Podcast episode 5

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  3. Growing frustrated of the constant reviews of movies. This podcast should be about the books, and reviewing them, not about the DVD’s and other peoples interpritations of the novels. Let’s talk about Sir Terry’s work as the podcast title suggest you would be. It’s good to see a podcast finally about Discworld, but we love it because of the writing, not because someone decided to make a movie out of it. Get to the point already and finish the catalogue of books for yourself so you can better discuss the series.

    • Matt, thank you for your thoughts.

      I’m sorry if you’re annoyed, but this is how we’re doing the podcast. The films and Animations are adapted from Discwold, so we’ll review them. The podcast will be about all of Sir Terry’s works and (as it’s been so far) the adaptations.

      I think the films are a great part of the Discworld series or franchise – take your pick – and many people (fans) put many hours, and much love into making them. There is a lot of love and respect for the series, Sir Terry himself (what with letting him have his cameo roles), and so I’d just like to thank you for bearing with us, and hope you’ll stick with us further as we start with reviewing The Colour Of Magic (the book version of it now).

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