The Pratchett Podcast Episode 14

In this episode I (Rhys) give my review of the book version of Wyrd Sisters, then both Graeme and I move on to talk about Pyramids, news and more.


In the next episode, which will be a month late because Graeme is moving and he can’t guaranty he’ll have internet access so you’ll have to bear with us, we’ll review Guards! Guards! the first of the brilliant watch series! Send us your thoughts to

DOWNLOAD the episode here.


One comment on “The Pratchett Podcast Episode 14

  1. Hi guys. Just caught up with episode 14. The description of the Assassins test being based on the British driving test is spot on. Another point from that section is the new kid saying his prayers (involving the goat). This is a direct reference to “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”, a story now best known for introducing Harry Flashman to the world before his subsequent career was documented by George Macdonald Fraser.

    I like the reference to “camels of the sea” as an equivalent of our “ships of the desert” As always so many great 1 liners.

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