Podcast delay but there is a Q&A

Hello all! I’m sorry to announce that the podcast will be delayed for another month because our Uberwald living host is still unable to record, given moving and what not.

But to make sure you’re not without Pratchettity (that’s a word, right?) goodness, over the next few days I’ll be asking and answering questions here on the Facebook group- I mean here at the Watch cafeteria about Discworld. I can even do it on Google+, and Twitter.

For example, in our first episode Graeme and I told you our favourite Pratchett book and character. But if you want me to, we can turn that in the plural, I can give you my top three(? Five?), and I’ll ask you too. Then, when we record the next episode, we’ll read them out on the show! And maybe a few episodes after that, depending on how many of you take part.

So stayed tuned, if that saying can be applied to something in a textual form, and we can have a few Facebookie, and Google +(ie? That doesn’t work as well….) type chats over the next few days.

Oh, if you do ask me on Twitter, tweet to @RhysParton and use the Hash-tags #PratchettPodcast and #DiscworldFavs. Lets get asking/answering!