The Pratchett Podcast episode 15

Hello… hello? Anybody out there? Yes, you are! Well…we’re baaaacccckkk!

After a break while Graeme moved places, with a review of the first Watch book, some news, clacks, and new members of the watch.

Also, if you experience anything odd with the audio, there have been some difficulties but our recording and editing Wiz, Graeme, has done his best to deal with them. Also, the audio quality may a bit different than normal, given he was using different recording equipment to capture our voices, but next time will be back to normal.

Do enjoy.

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The Pratchett Podcast episode 12a

Here in episode 12a  (yes, we’re paranoid at The Pratchett Podcast) Graeme looked at the Wyrd Sisters book, seeing as we’ve already reviewed the animated version, while I, Rhys, was in Sydney on a holiday.

Don’t worry, my thoughts on it will be on a quick feature I’m going to call “Rhys, You Really Should Make Time To Review This On The Episode It’s Meant To Be On” or “Catch Up Review”.

Also in the next episode will be the usual news, welcoming the new members of The Watch (Facebook group: and then a review of Pyramids. So, if you’ve got any thoughts on Pryamids, send ’em into

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The Pratchett Podcast episode 12

Happy Birthday to us! In this, our twelfth episode (obviously), we review the fun romp that is Sir Terry’s first book, The Carpet People.


In our next episode we’ll be review the BOOK VERSION (we’ve reviewed the animation) of Wyrd Sisters. Let us know what you think by sending your thoughts to Also, if there is ANYTHING Pratchett related (or podcast related) send it in. Be it news of conventions, fan films/movements or even things that we can do to improve the show, it doesn’t just have to be what we’re reviewing.


The Pratchett Podcast episode 11

Episode 11 is here. This time round I (Rhys) do a quick review of Mort, then Graeme and I both go through feedback and our thoughts and review of Sourcery.

Next episode it’s The Carpet People and our 1st Anniversary! Send your feedback to

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The Pratchett Podcast Episode 10

In which Graeme reviews Mort – the story, not the character. I – Rhys – will have a review of it next episode.

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The Pratchett Podcast episode 7

So here we are, reviewing the books, not soon enough for some of you too, I take it. Anyway, in this episode we review The Colour Of Magic, enjoy.


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The Pratchett Podcast episode 6

NOTICE: The show hasn’t really gone anywhere, I’ve just been having trouble loading WordPress, thus those of you who accesses
the podcast via the RSS feed will have hit a wall, so to speak. Thanks for putting up with us (if you have) and the enjoy this and the next few episodes. Thanks,


Here is the sixth episode of The Pratchett Podcast, and in it we review the animated version on Soul Music.

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The Pratchett Podcast episode 5

We’re back with a fifth episode, in which we review Wyrd Sisters – the Gosgrove Hall animated version. Next time we will review the Soul Music animation, send in your thoughts to

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The Pratchett Podcast episode 4

We’re back for a fourth episode! And in this we review the last – for now – Sky1 TV adaptation of Going Postal.

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