The Pratchett Podcast episode 15

Hello… hello? Anybody out there? Yes, you are! Well…we’re baaaacccckkk!

After a break while Graeme moved places, with a review of the first Watch book, some news, clacks, and new members of the watch.

Also, if you experience anything odd with the audio, there have been some difficulties but our recording and editing Wiz, Graeme, has done his best to deal with them. Also, the audio quality may a bit different than normal, given he was using different recording equipment to capture our voices, but next time will be back to normal.

Do enjoy.

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The Pratchett Podcast episode 2

As the title of the post suggests episode two is out. I this episode Graeme and I review the Sky 1 adaptation of The Colour Of Magic.

Next time we’ll review the adaptation of The Hogfather, send your thoughts on it to If you’re on Twitter you can follow the Librarian who uses the books to help him Tweet through Dimensions; @UULibrarian. You can join the Facebook group; The Pratchett Podcast on Facebook, or follow our page on Google+

The Pratchett Podcast episode 1

Episode 1 of The Pratchett Podcast is available, have a listen!

If you’d like to send feedback telling us how you found the series, what your favourite stories and characters, and your thoughts on the Sky1’s adaption of The Colour Of Magic, send it to, or join the Facebook group: Or even follow the show Twitter account @UULibrarian

So, stay tuned for next month and you’ll hear more from Graeme and Myself (Rhys) on The Pratchett Podcast episode 2.