The Pratchett Podcast episode 1

Episode 1 of The Pratchett Podcast is available, have a listen!

If you’d like to send feedback telling us how you found the series, what your favourite stories and characters, and your thoughts on the Sky1’s adaption of The Colour Of Magic, send it to, or join the Facebook group: Or even follow the show Twitter account @UULibrarian

So, stay tuned for next month and you’ll hear more from Graeme and Myself (Rhys) on The Pratchett Podcast episode 2.


3 comments on “The Pratchett Podcast episode 1

  1. Is there a link somewhere where I can download the podcast as an mp3 so I can throw it onto my MP3 player? I don’t mean iTunes because I don’t have any Apple products.

  2. Ahh don’t worry, I worked it out – subscribing to the RSS feed presented me with some download links. However, I do recommend you adding a clickable ‘download’ link to the wordpress posts in addition to the streaming audio.

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